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10368 MHz Activity


My activity on 10368Mhz.


Station outfit:

Transceiver:                TS-2000X

Preamplifier:               DU6BC   -    0.55dB

Final amplifier:            40Watt Thompson TWTA       

Antenna system:          3m solid dish, Andrews prime focus - 46.5dBd / Beamwidth: 0.67degr / Lineair feed

Control system:           VK5DJ - Stand alone Interface




3m Dish with feed 

August 2010

Starting the hard job of calibration for 3cm! Pointing accuracy should be within 0.6degr.

Using the sun, the shadow of the feed was positioned exactly in the centre.

Measured sunnoise with an SAT LNB  system: 12dB.

September 4th the first attemp on 3cm EME was done: F2TU was seen on Spectran but due to unexperience with the type of signal, I was not able to decode it.


September 2011

Just another year is passed with little progression.

Did do the pointing calibration of the dish into the 0.2degr region and tested all in the ARRL contest in September 2011

Moontracking is now much easier using a SATFINDER device

September 25th I heard and decoded positively DL0EF (529), F2TU (529) and UR7D (519)

Below a screenshot of DL0EF



March                 - Run 1st QSO with LX1DB

                          - Contestweekend worked 6 station RFout: 25Watt

                                Here is my echo's on 10Ghz :  Echo-3apr-2012

February 2013    - Using ver 2.0 Moonnoise meter with 1dB-full scale. Article: Moonnoisemeter

April 2013          - RF output now 45Watt

August 2017       - Found both pre-ampifier box and transverter soaked with condense water! Complete set-up needs to be re-furbished.

December 2017  - Repaired Transverter with new PLL LO: DF9NP

                                - Installed the DU3BC preamplifier

October 2020     - Dish pointing accuracy is now 0.2Degr

December 2020  - Made my first QRA64 QSO's

January 2021     - Added additional 12dB gain after preamp. 

February 2021    - Changed tp SM6FHZ feed and located preamp on the focus platform.