Feeds & Chokes


Over the last period of time I was a bit concerned on the performance of my 3cm EME set-up.

Mainly because after I found that my dish is a so-called deep dish with a f/D of 0.3, it is worth to find out if there are parts in the system which could improve the overall performance.

Therefor I investigated several points in my system which could contribute to a better performance.

I prepared different chokes to see which one will help to improve the performance.

Chaparral choke

Kumar choke

OM6AA-designed choke

After completion of my tests, I prepared a report with all my findings.

In August -2023 I completed the investigation with a practical test using my 3m PF dish. 

The results are now included in the revised report.

You can download this report here: Feeds & Chokes