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432 MHz Activity


My activity on 432Mhz. 


Station outfit:

Transceiver:                 TS-2000X

Preamplifier:                DB6NT (Micomm)   -    0.35dB

Final amplifier:             SSPA R&S VH501       

Antenna system:           8 x 4.2 wl DL6WU-modified - 23dBd

Control system:            VK5DJ - Stand alone interface 

My EME antenna system:                                                     My result in ARRL EME Contest 2012:                            My WAC-432:


Some Impressions of my station can be found on the photo gallery page

May 2002: Although from calculation it was found that my echo's from the moon should be readable, it took until today that it really happens: My echo's

May 2004: First experiments with JT65 mode. I believe this is a more confident way to check conditions for stations with poor echo capability like me.

Mar 2011: First QSO's made since 2004!!. I used JT65B with only 20Watt on the antenna's and worked UA3PTW and I1NDP

Dec 2012: MAP65 now operational using FUNCUBE.

May 2013: Finally worked Africa Continent for WAC: Thanks to ZS6OB

Jan 2015: Start to operate R&S VH501 Solid State Amplifier to replace GS35b.

Apr 2016: Changed Antenna configuration to 4 x Horizontal coupled with 4 x Vertical Polarisation

Sep 2018; Restored original configuration 8 x Horizontal coujpled