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R&S IN503-A1 Powersupply 

Input: 3phase - 400Vac

Output: 30Vdc - 100 Amp

              3Vdc -   12 Amp


Including full documentation


(Part of R&S VH-501-A1 amplifier)


Pick-up only 



Parts of 144MHz station


               1.        SSPA - box includes:

Driver + W6PQL amplifier / HF-400 coax relais / G4DDK preamp

Input variable attenuator

Full diagram click Here

Input: 1Watt - adjustable

Output: > 800W


            2.    Antenna: 9el DK7ZB with High power dipole.



Pick-up only





Multipole switch 5 ports sma connectors


M1J: 0.3 - 2Ghz  (+7dBm)


RF coupler 1.8-2.2Ghz

<===  RF Power FET's    POINTNINE D1010

Download spec's here

Tetra FET's POINTNINE D1010  150Watt - 28Vdc - 500MHz


Wideband amplifier 5-500Mhz G:30dB / Nf:3.5dB

Splitter: 1-2Ghz Iso: 25dB, Insert loss: 0.25dB

Pwr: 10W max

Isolator: 1.7-7.0Ghz Iso: 40dB, Insert loss: < 6dB

Tested at 2320Mhz: ins loss: 2.5dB




DU3T - CLNA - 5.7Ghz preamp



Noise fig : 0.7 dB  

Gain: 24dB

Input: sma (m) 

          sma  (f) / on request

Output: sma

Dim.: 82x52x18mm

Please send email if you are interested for this item.



DU3T - XLNA - 10Ghz preamp



Noise fig : 0.6 dB  

Gain: 29dB

Input: WR-90

Output: sma

Dim.: 105x41x19mm

Please send email if you are interested for this item.



WG adapter WR90 => WR75




DU3T - KLNA- 24GHz preamp



Noise fig : appr 1.0dB

Gain: >25dB

Input: WR-42

Output: sma

Dim.: 92x38x18mm


Please send email if you are interested for this item.

WR-42 to SMA precision adapter

Rl > 18dB

Loss < 0.2dB

HP 8761A Isolation relais used with Septumfeed to protect preamplifier.  Includes driver for bi-stable switching

Various SMA relais






VARIAN K-rack without TWT  ==>

Powersupply to be repaired

 <=====  VTU-6396M5



SSPA 2320MHz


Single MRF6S21140HS  incl coolinggrid

Tuned to 2320Mhz: Gain: 14.5dB.

 should be ok for > 100Watt RF out


< =============






7-16 connector for 7/8 Coaxcable


7-16 connector for LDF-4 cable

Broadband high gain amplifier

30-400Mhz Gain: 70dB Vcc: 24Vdc