Using the antenna's just for some EME qso's, is not very efficient.
It could be used for measurements on radio astronomy as well.
I started to develop a so-called Total power unit to hook up to available pre-amps mounted on the dish. 


After some checking I prepared an 10Ghz SAT band LNB to connect to the 3m-dish and used Radio SKY Pipe software to monitor what's passing my antenna.
On suggestion of Frans PE1RXJ the antenna was positioned to 90AZ and 54ELE and got below result. It should be Cyg A and the Milkyway passing my window.

After some further investigation it was concluded the received signals orginate from terristical sources! That was dissapointing, but openend the way to prepare version 02 of the total power experiment.
In the meanwhile I prepared a more detailed article describing my experiences. 

         You can download it here: Totalpower-v01.

December 29th 2011: Version 02 is now ready and Beta tested.
February 18th 2012:  The next generation Totalpower is calibrated and housed. Waiting for the 21cm feed to be installed in the Dish.


 You can download the information of Totalpower-v02: here