EME Contacts - 144MHz

144 MHz Activity


My activity on 144Mhz.

Station outfit:

Transceiver:                 IC-201

Preamplifier:                G4DDK

Final amplifier:             SSPA - 800Watt       

Antenna system:           9 el DK7ZB


Next to my EME activity at home, I installed a portable station for EME 144MHz communication. 

The station is located near the Northsea coast in the North of Holland between Den Helder and Alkmaar, a small town called Schagen. A must-see village for tourists!!


Summer 2015     I decided to dismantle the GHz station and prepare for 144MHz EME with a small set-up.

Summer 2016     I spend time to modify the antenna mast with an elevation and polarisation utility for the DK7ZB antenne.

July 2016           DK7ZB antenna is installed with full AZ, EL and Pol installation

July 2016           First results of RX EME with this small set-up.

Jan 2017            Finished SSPA and modified IC201 to be driven from PC for JT65B

May 2017           Station installed; ready to go for 1st EME QSO on 144MHz

June 2017          Replaced 7el yagi for 9el Yagi, with 2db more gain.

June 2017          1st QSO OK1UGA!

Oct 2017           Presentation of my EME station for 144MHz: here!

Aug 2019            Currently #56 initials