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144 MHz Activity


My activity on 144Mhz 

Next to my EME activity at home, I installed a portable station for EME 144MHz communication. 

The station is located near the Northsea coast in the North of Holland between Den Helder and Alkmaar, a small town called Schagen. A must-see village for tourists!!


Station outfit:

Transceiver:                 IC-201

Preamplifier:                G4DDK

Final amplifier:             SSPA - 800Watt       

Antenna system:           9 el DK7ZB

Summer 2015 I decided to dismantle the Ghz station and prepare for 144MHz EME with a small set-up.

Summer 2016 I spend time to modify the antenna mast with an elevation and polarisation utility for the DK7ZB antenne.

To date:

July 2016  DK7ZB antenna is installed with full AZ, EL and Pol installation

July 2016  First results of RX EME with this small set-up.

Jan 2017  Finished SSPA and modified IC201 to be driven from PC for JT65B

May 2017 Station installed; ready to go for 1st EME QSO on 144MHz

June 2017 Replaced 7el yagi for 9el Yagi, with 2db more gain.

June 2017 1st QSO OK1UGA!