I'm among those guys, owning an ancient ICOM transceiver model IC-201. Since this is a good, analogue all mode transceiver for 144-146Mhz there might be some interest to set-up a database with additional information. There are some known problems with this transceiver and I like to investigate if there is a base for collecting this information, since ICOM was not able to help me and others out.

I'll appreciate a response of everybody owning this IC-201 and have some interesting solutions for other users.


Known users:    

IZ0GYQ - Enrico IK8XFR - Guiseppe DL3EAZ - Kai PA5TIG - Johan
PA0JCA - Sjaak IW3ERC - Sergio IZ5IUY - Franco EA3GNS - David
DF1EQ - Jürgen EA3BTZ - Enric DK7YG - Gebhard ES5AKC - Mart
SM1HOW - Lars PE1PWF - Edwin PA3BCI - Daan DL7MAJ - Stefan
DK1NL - Marcel G4FUF - Keith ON3AD - Jeffrey F4HOR - Gerard
PA3JVC - Johan DJ1AUS - Alexander DB5YB - Jürgen DK7CB - Franz
PA0JGF - Jan DK5EQ - Willy PA2WLE - Wilbert RV3APM -Serge

 December 2013  - I bought 2 VFO SDR kits to replace the analog VFO for a nice Digital Display. info:

December 2014   - One of the IC-201's has been converted to a DIGI-201 and is almost completed. see photo galery

February 2015    - A NEW IC-201 is born!

October 2015      - Another Digi IC-201 is born in Munich at Stefan DL7MAJ


Picture on the left is the modified VFO VF221 using SDR kits. Really a state of the art job done by Stefan, DL7MAJ.

Stefan also rewrote the alignment procedure for our IC-201.

Download the pdf document here: Alignment-IC201 

It is worth visiting Stefan's website for more news to come:


standard VFO

Digital VFO -> info:



Please contact me at:

Problem Call Date Solution
Bad connection to centre PCB PA0PLY 14 Aug 2006 Remove all feedtroughpins and resolder feedtrough properly

(See picture)

Problem to go from RX to TX mode IK8XFR 4 May 2010 Cold solder points on AF-board
Mechanical problem with VFO PA0PLY 26 Mar 2004 Not yet solved


Modification Board Ident Date Solution
Loud plop during CW-operation U69-1 14 April 2004
Remove connection to Q14-collector.
Reconnect Q14-C to +13.8Vdc
Add capacitor, 1000mF to J4-pin1
Very strong CW-monitor sound U69-2 14 April 2004 Change R64 into 330kOhm
Provide Low Power RF output        (abt. 300mW)-simple solution U74-1 14 April 2004 Shortcircuit R20 with switch
Low Power output, modifying PA section to maintain S-meter function TX-PA 27 October 2006 Remove entire PA section and remove driver transistor
Enlarge freq. range to cover 143.600MHz Frontpanel Change wiring of Course switch S3 as follows: 

Relocate yellow wire from S3-1/pos1 to S3-2/pos1

Remove brown wire from S3-3/pos1

See also picture section

CW operation in SSB - mode U69-2 27 October 2006  No need to switch to CW for sending small CW messages in SSB-mode.