My name is Jan and I'm a radio amateur since 1975. My interest started in participating VHF contests on 144MHz. Particular using portable locations gave a lot of fun and experience in solving all kind of problems related to being portable. Since the techniques improved, higher frequencies were added during the years, up to 24Ghz. Unique locations were used such as a 150m asl tower of a powerplant (JO22MH), near Amsterdam. Beautiful SSB/CW QSO's all over Europe were made from this location. At home, activities initial concentrated on DX and weak signal operation like tropo, aurora and sporadic-E conditions on 144MHz. The 70cm band became more and more interesting particular because it was home for many SHF amateurs, operating at even higher frequencies.


After 20 years of active Contesting our group decided to stop and myself, I started to become active using EME!! A really big challenge with many difficulties even for an experienced weak signal operator. With the help of my friend Sjaak, PA0JCA, first contacts were made on November 7th 1993, on 1296MHz with VE3ONT. The start-off for current activities was set! Surf around my next pages to learn more.


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On January 11th 2003, i celebrated my 50th anniversary. In The Netherlands it is an very traditional event. 

In case of a male, the person in charge is mentioned to have seen "ABRAHAM".

It is celebrated in many different ways, all just aming to attrack the attention of many people to the fact that this person has reached the repectable age of 50 years!

Traditionally a dummy person look-alike "ABRAHAM" is placed in front of the house. 

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