I believe it is helpful to know what other OM's activities are, i started to collect information all related to EME oriented stations on frequencies on 432MHz and above. 
The database is created and kept in MS-Access 2000.
It contains callsign // QRA loc //email // website // operator name // city and system configurations for each band: RF power and Antenna configuration.
I realize that the database cannot be complete and needs regular updates.
Therefore I welcome your information! Mail to: info(at) 
Please find below links to download pdf format files for active stations in all categories.


Current version:   Febr 1st 2018  
Download here: 70cm pdf
Download here: 23cm pdf
Download here: 13cm pdf
Download here:   9cm pdf
Download here:   6cm pdf
Download here: 10Ghz pdf
Download here: 24Ghz pdf


Download here: SK-Honor list


Download here: Not active list pdf   
In case you are active on the excellent Moonlogger of HB9Q, be sure you enter your data in here as well.
Link to logger: HB9Q  


                                         PLEASE CHECK AND let me know any changes!