It is helpful to know what other OM's activities are, therefor I collect information all related to EME oriented stations on frequencies from 432MHz and above. 
The database contains callsign // QRA loc //email // website // operator name // city and system configurations for each band: RF power and Antenna configuration.
I realize that the database cannot be complete and needs regular updates from the users.
Therefore I welcome your information!    Mail to: info(at) 
Please find below links to download pdf format files for active stations in all categories.


Current version:   Jun 4th 2024 
Download here:   432Mhz pdf
Download here: 1296Mhz pdf  
Download here: 2320mhz pdf
Download here: 3400Mhz pdf
Download here: 5760Mhz pdf
Download here:    10Ghz pdf
Download here:    24Ghz pdf
Download here:    47Ghz pdf
Download here:    76Ghz pdf


Download here: SK-Honor list 


    In case you are not listed, do not hesitate to send me an email.


In case you are active on the excellent Moonlogger of HB9Q, be sure you enter your data in here as well.
Link to logger:  HB9Q-new Logger