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5760 MHz Activity

My activity on 5760Mhz.


Station outfit:

Transceiver:                 TS-2000X - YO4HFU Transverter

Preamplifier:                0.65dB

Final amplifier:             50W        

Antenna system:           3m solid dish, Andrews prime focus - 41.2dBd / Beamwidth: 1.20degr / Septumfeed

Control system:            VK5DJ - Stand alone interface



Jan 2024        - Started to collect various items for this band.


Feb 2024        - Collected all items for installation.


May 2024        - First Sunnoise testing: 11dB, Moonnoisde: 0.4dB.


Jun 2024        - First QSO with JA6AHB!

                      - Added a single stage DU3T preamp. Sunnoise: 13.6dB, Moonnoise 0.68dB