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2320 MHz Activity

My activity on 2320Mhz.

Since I have a 3m Dish the use of higher frequency is a logical step.

Therefore I prepared a 2320Mhz station to be implemented into the Dish.


Station outfit:

Transceiver:                 TS-2000X - DEMI Transverter

Preamplifier:                G4DDK   -    0.5dB

Final amplifier:            90Watt SSPA        

Antenna system:           3m solid dish, Andrews prime focus - 35dBi / Septumfeed modified for f/D 0.32

Control system:             VK5DJ - Stand alone interface


February 2011       Decided to expand the dish system with yet another interesting frequency band: 2320MHz.

                              Currently collecting the various parts for this band.

March 2011           On the fleamarket we bought 2 pieces of Andrews SSPA amplifiers which will need some modification in order to be used for 2320MHz.

July  2011             Completed the DEMI transverter.

January 2012        Completed modification on the Andrews driver section: 30dB // 25Watt

January 2013        Completed modification on the Andrews final section: 150watt

January 2019        The Anrews SSPA driver sections FLL15 and U17 died for unclera reasons. The SSPA was replaced by another unit with 90Watt RF out.          

March 2019           Installed the 13cm transveterr, SSPA and antenna in the dish for the first EME QSO on 2320Mhz